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Only the best vacancies from verified Polish employers.


Our team works for you and like a watch. It sets us apart as an HR agency


The guarantee of success is working with professionals. Such people work in Blessed-firm

Conversion starts with the worker!

Our team is a time-tested team of experts
Our conditions give a field for development
The workers we provide are a valuable human resource.
Flexible contract terms – make working with us comfortable, safe, and most importantly productive !
We use the latest technologies in the fields of SMM, IT, HR. It all helps us to stay the best in the market !

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The search for employees is several times easier with Blessed-firm!

Accurate calculation

We always calculate dates. Therefore, both customers and employees are satisfied with us.


we use only the latest technology in both marketing and staffing


Our ads provide accurate job descriptions and terms.

Our statistics speak for themselves.

How are we different from others? Everything is very simple. We are flexible, we try to find a compromise with each of our clients. We do not have a strict framework for cooperation, due to which the conditions for each client are individual and meet most requirements.

Satisfied workers
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There are only the best specialists in our database. There are only the best specialists in our team. Among our partners are only leading Polish companies